it’s hard to not be hungry after a long day skiing!  spending hours outdoors is a pleasure, but one does burn a lot of precious calories.  here’s the best way i know how to get your daily protein and have some sweets!

sweet and savoury venison stew


so simple!  venison + frozen blueberries + applesauce + water + slow woodburning oven = stew.  please note that all the ingredients, even the wood we burned to cook it, were extremely local and hand picked by the homestead nomads their very lovely selves.

put the lid on the pot and cook in slow heat for 2 hours.  the apples and blueberries make the meat just melt in your melt.  wild food is really the best food!  the meat can be served with any dish, can even be used to supplement any beef or chicken in a given recipe.  the broth can be ladled like soup and packed with fresh buckwheat and arugula sprouts like a hot salad.

to wrap up your meal, how about some ice cream?  or; better yet, SNICE CREAM?



– 2 bowls of snow -[backyard]
those big stainless steel bowls work best.  the quality of snow you are looking for is, first and foremost, freshly fallen.  the absolute best is of a crystally, finely grained snow.  powdery snow will also do.  the dryer the snow the better but what the heck!  experiment at will.  1 bowl will be the actual snice cream, the second will be the cooling agent to keep snice cream from melting too quickly.
– a bunch of flavour [quebec blackberries and blueberries]
fresh or frozen fruit for a sorbet or cocoa powder for a more traditional palette.   [we used the blueberries and blackberries we picked in august].  mix with…
– maple syrup [le fou d’erable]
really the only sweetener we use anymore.  blend with flavour of choice to make a paste [not too thick]

whip all ingredients together [quickly!  hand whip only NO BLENDERS] in a bowl placed inside the second bowl lined with snow.  adjust flavour and snow amounts for best texture and flavour saturation possible.  add a bit of heavy cream [35% and +] for creamier texture.
best eaten fresh!  or place in freezer for more solid results.
the best thing about this is every time you make it, you will result in something unique and plentiful [during or after snowfall] when it happens.  snice cream should be eaten as a salute to winter!


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