April May Fly

for sale

april has come and gone, thank the gods, though the sentiment seems to be dragging on into may.  by the time the rain clears the blackflies are bound to be in full force!

in preparation for the new growing season, we have been expanding our growing space, which unfortunately meant clearing some trees.  beautiful maples that were damaged in house building gave up hard.

maple pile

bed building

split and piled, we now have our wood for winter and even enough to frame a large grain bed!  the trick is to use EVERY part of the tree – don’t just throw the branches into a brush pile – break and bind them with twine into faggots for kindling.  your future self will thank you for not having to split cordwood in the middle of february.

hiking up to the meadow in search of apple saplings is a wonderful reminder of the vast wilderness that surrounds us.

coyote or

coyote or … ? whatever it may be, let’s keep them here. diversity is the key! developers need not apply.

do not enter

returning from town is never complete without a load of free ditch mulch!  wild grasses, horse manure, and woodchips.  nature supplies you with everything you need to remain fertile.

free mulch

nothing in life is truly for sale, don’t be roped into thinking otherwise.

peace and peas



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