Place To Be

as of yesterday, we have 6 new residents at the ‘stead!
ducks from above 1979

needless to say, they are chirpy and hilarious – reqbat demanded a duck cam which is a GENIUS idea but i think i would never get any work done if such an amazing thing existed.

nick the drake

the 2 drakes are significantly smaller than the ducks, and one has mottling on the crown, so its already difficult to get into livestock mode when i’ve named him ‘nick drake’.

luckily, caring for the ducks is a Fun New Chore since they are as small as they’ll ever be and every predator in the lower laurentians is going to be after these little dudes.  muscovies are one of the largest breeds of duck, but we still have a little ways before they’re too big for the snakes, considering this ::

snake and toad

snakes are heavy magick, and our garden is simply slithering with them!  we were fortunate enough to watch this rather unfortunate toad turn into lunch for this rather large garter snake.  we missed the catch but scrambled for our cameras to record the swallow – about 20 minutes of struggle.  what a macabre spectator sport!

there are at least 4 garter snakes around and even a northern ringnecked snake lurking around the south side.  too quick for the cameras, so you’ll just have to take my word on our resident diadophis punctatus edwardsii.

if that weren’t enough animal action for ya, here’s a painted turtle who appeared to us almost out of thin air. whoever said turtles were slow never met this guy

and a turtle

wild life galore!  this really is the place to be


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