Fermentation Nation

vegetables to be fermented


back in september, near the end of the harvest, we gathered as many delicious herbs, beans, and veg to ferment!  it may look like a fair batch, but it certainly didn’t last very long!  we used barley miso as our base and agreed that a 4-day fermentation period was just the right amount of zing.

the cabbage batch was also a success but was much spicier.  i think we threw in some whole coriander seeds, which was too over the top for my taste.  i do love a good strong coriander, but i don’t like it on ~everything.  i am one of those people who just has to put sauces and dressings on every type of food and love something rather all-purpose, which coriander is not.  so now we’ve got a crock of fabulous fermented veggies in the fridge!



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