Beginnings : URTICA

nettle tea2014 is here!  Bursting through the underbelly of winter, greenness prevails!

Dried nettles are a wonderful source of the real summer dirt.  If you’re like me and you know its going to be a least 5 months before you get to see the bare earth again, despair not!  Throw a handful of nettles into a mason jar, top up with hot water.  cap it – when the jar is cooled just enough to pick up with your bare hands : DRINK UP.

Here’s a nettle pudding recipe as described by Euell Gibbons in ‘Stalking the Healthful Herbs”

Wrap the following ingredients in a rinsed+ rung cheesecloth

– 2c cooked nettles
– 1c chopped cabbage or brocoli
– 1c raw rice
– 1c  ground protein (meat, beans…)
– 1/2c chopped suet (or equivalent)
salt, pepper, your favourite seasonings

drop the bundle in boiling water for 1 hour or hang+steam for 3 hours.
serve like pudding or ‘meatloaf’

i have yet to try this, but when fresh nettles start again, i will report back when i do!

Until then, keep on skiing ❤


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