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New Year all Year round


The end of the growing season approaches, the darkness fills in.  Our days are lined with tincture and vinegar jars flying open between batches of applesauce and filling the freezer with pastured pork, the kale just keeps on growing!

Essentially keeping up with the tradition of taking stock of what we have – our food, our medicines, our blessings, our tired but content state of mind. Once the Tamaracks have turned their golden colour, winter is not far behind.  But instead of dreading the coming cold and snow!  (oh so much snow), a more pro-active approach is to PREPARE yourself.

A healthy autumn is going to glide into a healthy winter – the fear of the flu, every passing cold, eating maybe a little too much rich, heavy foods.  There is no “cure” or really even an escape from these nuisance illnesses, but what we can do is strengthen our bodies and our minds to overcome them.

  • Wash your hands.  Wash your hands.  WASH.  YOUR.  HANDS.  Don’t touch your face too often.
  • You may be inclined to consume more “vitamin C“.  Be sure to choose unpasteurized fruit juices – high heat kills the naturally occurring vitamin c in fruits and vegetables.  Raw produce is the best way to consume and absorb vitamins and minerals.
  • Herbal teas are a great addition to any lifestyle.  They can be mildly diuretic, stimulating the elimination systems by gently removing them from the body without desiccating the sysetm.
  • Go outside.  Garden, observe your surroundings, build, rest, walk with a pet or go find some animals.  Many experts say to increase physical activity to strengthen you immune system but the outdoors is really where it’s at.
  • Indulge your creativity.  From now until Candlemas (Feb2) is the technical “first quarter” of the year, plan a creative project that will push you over the winter hump.  It’s a great time to experiment and work through some technical ‘problems’.  Get back into painting, carving, sewing, or wiring.  Use your mind. Meditate in action.
  • Now that Hallowe’en is over, learn how to make real chocolateWellnessmama.com has a great recipe and once you learn how easy and delicious it is, you won’t know how you ever ate those little packaged things in the first place. Don’t let the term ‘healthy’ throw you off.

What sort of system boosters do you like?


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