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6 Shades of Gold

The morning coffee game has never been stronger.

I used to just pour hot water over preground coffee beans, serve with some cream and just a touch of sugar.  I’m not sure when exactly I started wanting to drink less coffee.  When my migraines started to get really bad, or when I feel the effects of chronic dehydration.  Coffee is hailed as a superfood – however it’s antioxidant properties can often be overshadowed by its strong diuretic properties.  Physical addiction to caffeine can have adverse effects on sleep habits and mineral absorption.  I felt unfortunate and cursed when I tried to kick my coffee habit trying to turn to pre-made coffee-free coffee drink mixes.  They were fine, really.  Dark, slightly acrid & bitter, calling for the sweetness of sugar and the richness of dairy or nut milk.

Since I started to drink better quality coffee in between the spurts of an attempted caffeine-free life, I opted to drink it straight up, black.  I was able to enjoy the coffee for what it was, unadulterated and pure coffee goodness, but it lacked the rich comfort that was the real reason I drink coffee anyway. Around the same time I learned about Bulletproof coffee, I was also exposed to Dirty Chai so I was in the perfect place to experiment.  Cinnamon rounds out the deep flavour profile while blended coconut oil and raw butter gave it a lighter texture. But I’m still trying to tone down on the coffee substance without sacrificing the familiarity. I still want to enjoy herbs in my coffee and hopefully have them eventually replace my routine altogether.

My current morning coffee routine is:

In a vessel with capacity for an immersion blender, add the following

1/2 Tblsp raw cocoa
1/2 tsp ground true cinnamon
1 tsp coconut sugar, maple syrup OR honey
1 Tblsp coconut oil
1/2 Tbslp raw butter

Set aside. Boil water, let stand.

In a French press coffee maker, place the following.

1/4 cup fresh ground coffee
1 heaping Tblsp ground & roasted chicory root
1 heaping Tblsp ground & roasted dandelion root

Let steep 5 minutes.  Pour the coffee brew into the vessel containing the first mixture and blend at low speed for 20 seconds or until frothy and butter is well emulsified. Pour into your favourite mug and ENJOY THE DAY ❤



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