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Honey Infused Garlic


Winter is ticking into springtime and a lot of our garlic braids are starting to germ!

There is nothing wrong with the herb, but we have so much left over and ready to be transformed into a delicious & soothing remedy for the changing seasons.

I start by clearing any shrivelled or mouldy cloves of garlic.  Our garden garlic gave nice sized bulbs but with many small cloves, so I think I used at least 10 bulbs for a 250mL mason jar.

Crush, slice, or peel the cloves roughly – they don’t need to be perfectly trimmed or diced.

Once the jar was about 1/2 filled, I then topped it off with delicious raw honey from one of our local beekeepers.  Cap it, making sure the garlic is well coated, and there is no residue on the lip of the jar.

Remember that when using fresh garlic (or any fresh herb with a high water content) in a solvent without oxygen to always keep the infusion in the fridge.  Poor storage conditions may cause the proliferation of bacteria, especially botulism.

Let macerate in the fridge for about a week – then enjoy by the teaspoon!

This is the most delicious remedy for stubborn coughs and sore throats ❤

Enjoy your local ingredients and comment below with your own experimentations!



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