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Setting Flames to Fire Cider

Something terrible must have been happening for the past 6 years I’ve been studying herbalism because not once during this time had I made a bonafide fire cider until this year! Everything changed this winter as the third batch is steeping away, ready to be filtered & bottled in a mere 2 weeks.

There are dozens of herbal sites that expound and exclaim the many benefits and virtues of fire cider…oddly enough as I flipsy-through my herbal books I cannot find a single recipe!

And yet has for generations been popular herbal remedy that crossed the delicate lines of food and medicine.  I don’t have any books by Rosemary Gladstar but her website is dedicated to freeing the fire cider tradition from trademark regulations aka “piracy.”

As with all of our recipes here at Homestead Nomads, there are no recipes.  I own nothing, eat everything.  Borrow tunes from much better harmonizers of herb & solvent.

These 3 batches are half-planned, using a lot of what is already on hand.  While I transplanted a lot of horseradish this autumn, I didn’t leave any to dry or blend. Then I made sure to pump up the garlic & pepper.

Other essential ingredients can be citrus, ginger, turmeric… all delicious stimulation and circulating plants.  I prefer my recipes to  tend bitter than sweet, all while keeping the heating qualities.

The tonic can be consumed by the tablespoon or added into recipes where vinegar, citrus, or any acid component is used.

Chop or grate or break up all the ingredients, to 2/3 to the top any glass jar (I use a 1L Mason jar).  Top up with unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, preferably fermented with Mother.  Cap & let infuse at least 3 weeks, shaking every day.  Filter & bottle once time is up & enjoy!  I like to eat whatever mace is left over.  The ginger, garlic, berry, and especially balsam fir is quite tasty and full of the same warming effects.

Here are 3 delicious versions of this age-old tonic.

Sweet Citrus Fire Tonic

  • Fruits : Lemon & Orange (peels on, cut into 1/8ths)
  • Leaves : Rosemary, thyme, oregano, melissa, basil, nettle
  • Roots : Garlic, ginger, turmeric, chicory
  • Spice :  cayenne, habanero, black pepper
  • Fungi : Turkey tail, chaga

New Moon Fire Oxymel

  • Fruits : Lemon(peels on, cut into 1/8ths), elderberry, goji
  • Leaves : Balsam fir, nettle, California Poppy
  • Roots : Ashwaganda, astragalus, garlic, ginger, turmeric
  • Spice: Cayenne, black pepper.
  • Honey

Summoning Fire Oxymel

  • Fruits : Seaberry, elderberry, goji, juniper, cacao nib
  • Leaves : Cannabis, basil, balsam fir tip, nettle, hops clover, lavender,
  • Roots : Chicory, maca, shallot (sliced thinly), dandelion, astragalus, garlic, ginger, turmeric, ashwaganda
  • Spice : Clove, cinnamon, cardamom, chili
  • Extras : Bee pollen, reishi, chaga, melissa tincture, honey.

What are your favourite fire cider blends?  Comment below & share your recipes & finds!


One thought on “Setting Flames to Fire Cider

  1. I would love to buy a batch of marijuana infused apple cider, a gallon, so that i have enough to last me through the entire winter.


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