post RONA post REASON hasten the CONTROL. BUT ITS UP TO US TO LISTEN to the signs, the limping car flattened chipmunks, the almost clipped Blue Jay the preponderance of Wrens in the garden this year. Privileged and challenged to be witness to this time – the portal of ‘unbroken holiness’ is what we are moving to in this little town. The frequency induced cloud of grey caused nobody to notice the meeting had started. The Overseer Porcupine was showing off, hovering above the swamp playing with shooting her lazer beam quills – a new modification – each quill fired out a little purple arrow, very accurate she could shrug and fire off a slew of little arrows several hundred yards to land in an old spruce trunk with a thud. It was impressive, and her drone like hovering high above the swamp with all the animals below watching her. I pity LITTLE MAN whispered the Blue Jays as they continued to swarm the hazelnut trees ripe with nuts. The Elderberry were just starting and the young Grosbeaks were learning to balance on the poisonous stems and pick off the purple fruits occasionally losing balance and fluttering back to position the whole bush shaking back and forth with the onslaught.
little man was found impaled by hundreds (707 to be exact) of glowing purple porcupine quills while he was posting a boil water notice at a post box on a back road. He was still alive but drooling. The quills had gone right through his wrists and effectively welded him to a telephone pole. There was boil water notice leaflets fluttering and rattling down the road like Beech leaves in late winter. They were flecked with small splatters of blood. Little man swore he knew who was responsible. Swamp girl.


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