post RONA post REASON hasten the CONTROL. BUT ITS UP TO US TO LISTEN to the signs, the limping car flattened chipmunks, the almost clipped Blue Jay the preponderance of Wrens in the garden this year. Privileged and challenged to be witness to this time – the portal of ‘unbroken holiness’ is what we are… Continue reading PURPLE PORCUPINE ARROWS


Here I am again in the woods alone. All the memories flood back. Im heading to 50, on the Lovers Leap and Chasse Galerie, Note: Brush cut Lovers Leap around intersection of 38. Even 21 Rapides Blanc could use it. At home with the Otter Slides, In fresh November snow, coyotes crisscross my footsteps and daydreams Porcupine girdled a huge Beech on the Portageur. and at the Viking too. Spandex suited trail runners synchronize their spandex space suits and look at me like who am I? Who the fuck are you? I work here. Golden snowflakes fall in November Balsam wood and the heart breaks, like dry branches, with the appreciation of their beauty. Meanwhile the creek passes its time running away with your thoughts, as your anger dissipates. Far from the folly of sugar stress stricken humans dragging their souls like heavy stones behind them. And the moss go on carpeting the floor for free, soaking up my rubber bootsteps as I spring along on Purple Kush high over the chest of the Triangle trail

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The Walk to School

Its the ecological destruction i grew up with. That’s my trauma. generational trauma isn’t just with the indigenous who lost their farms by the always meandering power of the St Lawrence. When I heard Waneek -Horn Miller talking about how her family lost their farm and land when it was expropriated for the St Lawrence… Continue reading The Walk to School

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Bam Bam is dead, long live Bam Bam

Bam Bam the rooster is dead. Succumbed to something we don’t know.. A few days of not moving much and looking very low and this morning we find him lying on the ground, still breathing, but lying on his chest his head on the ground.a few hours later a big last breath and then he… Continue reading Bam Bam is dead, long live Bam Bam

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The Rye Diaries

Welcome 2018! We managed to overcome everything that happened to us in the past year and for better or worse, we pick ourselves up and by the lords we bake bread. In that respect, how different is it from any other day? I’ll tell you how. Today (well last night) was my first foray into… Continue reading The Rye Diaries

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The amount of spontaneous vegetation in a given city always seems to be inversely proportional to it’s economic prosperity. In NYC Manhattan with sky high property values there is little spontaneous vegetation while Brooklyn and the Bronx are filled with it. Frank Egler 1966 – The Wild Gardener in the Wild Landscape

Bottom right the 2Solitudes Food Forest we started 5 years ago. Other images are of maintained landscapes. What has more value?