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Bam Bam is dead, long live Bam Bam

Bam Bam the rooster is dead. Succumbed to something we don’t know.. A few days of not moving much and looking very low and this morning we find him lying on the ground, still breathing, but lying on his chest his head on the ground.a few hours later a big last breath and then he… Continue reading Bam Bam is dead, long live Bam Bam

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Film Review :: Julie & Julia

Or; an exercise of eating on-screen For a food film (or a film about food), Julie & Julia sure does include a lot of eating scenes.  I am especially impressed by the number of eating/meal scenes. I was so moved, in fact, that I almost forgot about Meryl Streep’s part as Julia Child. Instead I… Continue reading Film Review :: Julie & Julia


Beginnings : URTICA

2014 is here!  Bursting through the underbelly of winter, greenness prevails! Dried nettles are a wonderful source of the real summer dirt.  If you’re like me and you know its going to be a least 5 months before you get to see the bare earth again, despair not!  Throw a handful of nettles into a… Continue reading Beginnings : URTICA



Post-holiday reading frenzy! Winter includes a lot of hunkering down and that’s not always a bad thing. We received many wonderful books as gifts, mostly of the food growing and reaping variety. The gardening season is 5 months away by that doesn’t stop us from tracing our future along the contours of snowy hills. Here’s… Continue reading Exude


The Spoils

Spoilage occurs mainly due to the high water content inherent in the structure of plants laid in oil.  Using jars that have not been cleaned thoroughly or improperly cared for also provokes spoilage in the steeping process.  You can check on your herb periodically by opening the jar, checking for mold and letting out any… Continue reading The Spoils


Edge Habitat

Edge Habitat Reclamation Project Background As the city of Morin Heights grows this project has been proposed to identify the ‘forgotten spaces’ – those little fields and hilly slopes, tangled shrubs and old trees hiding ancient fence posts and the remains of pioneer foundations. These areas often are home to complex wild habitats that are… Continue reading Edge Habitat