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The Walk to School

Its the ecological destruction i grew up with. That’s my trauma. generational trauma isn’t just with the indigenous who lost their farms by the always meandering power of the St Lawrence. When I heard Waneek -Horn Miller talking about how her family lost their farm and land when it was expropriated for the St Lawrence… Continue reading The Walk to School

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The amount of spontaneous vegetation in a given city always seems to be inversely proportional to it’s economic prosperity. In NYC Manhattan with sky high property values there is little spontaneous vegetation while Brooklyn and the Bronx are filled with it. Frank Egler 1966 – The Wild Gardener in the Wild Landscape

Bottom right the 2Solitudes Food Forest we started 5 years ago. Other images are of maintained landscapes. What has more value?

garden · nomadique · Urban sprawl


Paranga is named after the Scarlet Tanager, a bird that nests on this 17 acre land situated in the Laurentian Forests of Quebec.The experimental part comes from the question we often ask ourselves here: can we gain a livelihood from this land and respect the integrity of the surrounding forest? The site was cleared in… Continue reading PARANGA EXPERIMENTAL FOREST FARM