AIDS/ARC :: acquired immune deficiency syndrome/AIDS-related      complex

alterative :: promotes gradual and beneficial change in a being

anti-pyretic :: fights fevers

anti-rheumatic :: relieves and prevents rheumatic conditions and gout

antiseptic :: kills or damages septic [infective] bacteria

astringent :: contracts organ tissue; can reduce secretions and      diminish swelling

bactericide :: kills and destroys bacteria

bacteriostatic :: restrains the development of bacteria

bitter :: contains bitter principles which nourish and often  stimulate the mucus membrane of the digestive system

carminative :: expels gas; relieves, prevents flatulence

cholagogue :: stimulates flow of bile from gallbladder and      through bile ducts

demulcent :: soothes and reduces irritation internally and externally; protects against irritation

diaphoretic :: promotes sweating by acting on the nervous system

discutient :: dissolves and absorbs diseased tissue, tumors, and      abnormal growths

dissolvent :: disintegrates and disrupts growths and swellings

diuretic :: promotes or stimulates the formation and release of urine

EBV :: epstein-barr virus [a herpes virus]

emmenagogue :: promotes normal flow of menstrual blood

expectorant :: encourages or stimulates the expulsion of mucus      or fluid from bronchial tubes, lungs, and respiratory system

febrifuge :: reduces and dispels fevers.

fungicide :: kills fungal infections

fungistatic :: stops the growth and spread of fungal infection

hepatic :: strengthens and nourishes the liver

hemostatic :: stops or controls internal or external bleeding

hypnotic :: induces or encourages sleep/iness

laxative :: mildly promotes bowel evacuation

lithotriptic :: dissolves kidney and bladder stones

pulmonary :: aids lung functioning, assists breathing

purgative :: promotes rapid and extreme bowel evacuation

rubifacient :: promotes or reddening of the skin, usually by dilating capillaries and increasing surface circulation

sedative :: decreases or slows excessive activity; may repress healing functions

stimulant :: increases or speeds up functionality activity; often pushes one past normal limits

styptic :: slows or stops bleeding by contracting tissue and      blood vessels [externally]

suppurative :: promotes the formation of pus

tonic :: nourishes the functioning of muscles, organ, or system; invigorates/strengthens all activity

vermifuge :: promotes the expulsion of parasitic intestinal worms

vulnerary :: promotes and quickens the scar-free healing of wounds


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